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Castles and chateaux nearby Prague


Fortress founded in the 14th century by Charles IV, Bohemia´s king and Roman emperor. One of the most visited castle in the Czech Republic. Situated 35 kms from Prague.


This chateau is famous thanks to the prince Francis Ferdinand d´Este, successor of Austrian throne. Collections of furniture, tapestries, weapons and hunting trophies. Situated 40 kms out of Prague.


The small Renaissance chateau is rising above the confluence of the Vltava river with the Elbe river, in the beautiful region of vineyards. Wine tasting. Situated 40 kms from Prague.


Spacious chateau has been restituted in 1992 by the Lobkowicz family. For people loving European Art there is a wonderful collection of painting. The composer A. Dvorak´s birthplace. Situated 40 kms out of Prague.


One of the oldest Czech castles was a favourite place of Czech kings - they wanted to find there their relaxation, peace and they hunted in local forests as well. Situated about 60 kms from Prague.


Romantic castle hidden in deep forests. Splendid countryside, national park. Situated 50 kms from Prague.


Primary medieval castle rebuilt in the 19th century in the neo-gothic style. Nice interior full of wooden works, valuable artistic collections. Situated 160 kms from Prague.


Lovely castle rebuilt in the rococo style with a nice French garden and a large English park. Situated cca 50 kms out of Prague.

Medieval cities


Unique small town keeping still the original Renaissance appearance. You can admire homogeneity of local beauty, pastel colours of all facades in the city centre. UNESCO Cultural Heritage. Situated 150 kms out of Prague.

Kutná Hora

In Middle Ages it was the second important town after Prague in the kingdom, famous for its silver mines. Visit of St. Barbora Church, Italian Court, Ossuary. Situated 65 kms out of Prague.

Český Krumlov

Fabulous, picturesque city keeps its primary Renaissance aspect. On the hill above the Vltava river there is one of the richest Czech castles. UNESCO´s Cultural Heritage. Situated 180 kms out of Prague.


The old mlitary town was converted into a Jewish ghetto and the concentration camp during the World War II. Jewish victims´s memorial. Situated 50 kms outside Prague.


Karlovy Vary

The world-famous spa with 12 medicinal mineral springs, during the visit you can taste all of them. In the 18th and 19th century the place much-frequented by European aristocracy and artists. Situated cca 120 kms out of Prague.

Mariánské Lázně

Small spa hidden in the lovely landscape full of forests. Colossal colonnade with a singing fountain. Situated 140 kms out of Prague.

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Castles and chateaux nearby Prague
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